Well, I suppose it is time.

For those that have just found me, welcome.  For those who followed me first through RadioUserland and then to Blogger, welcome to the new home.  First, some ground rules so we all understand each other.  This is my place for:

Thoughts, rants and musings on all things of interest, odd, unusual or just plan curious.  Prepare to be challenged, insulted and intrigued.  Remember that "[n]o one has a right not to be criticized or offended." -- Jonathan Rauch as quoted in The Language Police (pg. 161).  Oh, and watch out for the alligator.

If you are easily insulted, feel that the right to free speech should be impinged or feel that being offended offends you, I would suggest you stop reading now.

In general, I believe that religion should be ridiculed, government does some pretty dumb things, and human nature is there for us to mock.  I find labels to be repugnant, but I will still categorize things for my own convenience.

So grab a beverage, strap in, and let's see where this will take us.

For those that would like to look at what has come before, you can find my thoughts on Blogger.