It is only November 1

I have a bone to pick with Starbucks. No, it is not about their product, but about their need to "rush" the season.  Today is November 1, not December 1, yet today the "Christmas cups" have debuted to replace their normal white cups for the "Holiday" season.

Companies that push the Christmas season earlier and earlier bother me. There is no reason why we should be decking the halls before the first of December.  Christmas and its consumption based marketing machine is already long enough at 25 days. We do not need companies pushing it before Hallowe'en - as KMart and Walmart have already done with this year's season. Do we just leave the tree up all year long?!

If you want me to think good of your company, you will not get into the "holiday" mood until December 1.  I am willing to overlook those that feel that the first Friday after Thanksgiving is the start of the season, but only a bit.  And if you want me to actually buy from your company, you will not be celebrating in my face on the day after Hallowe'en.