One Thing Won’t Be Missed

Backyard flooding is a common occurrence this year

One thing that will not be missed in 2019 is the constant rain. How constant? The image above shows the areal flooding that has occurred pretty much every 24 hours since early October. And prior to August, most of us had never even heard of areal flooding.

On the news the other day, they summed up 2018. It has rained nine out of thirteen weekends. It was a washout this summer. We have had more than 60 inches of rain, probably close to 70 by now, as that was more than a month ago. That means 2018 was the wettest on record, every for the region. More rain that even Mobile, Alabama and other high rain areas of the US (which, oddly, Seattle is not). Our longest stretch without rain was 11 days, the first few days of December. It has basically rained every other day. Some days we do not go 24 hours without rain.

So here is to 2019, and the hope that it will dry out before it freezes. And worse, that it does not become snow. With all the rain we have had, if it had been snow, we would have had more than most cities get in a decade.