Someone Explained the Outgoing DefSec’s Resignation Letter

Trump: Mattis out as of Jan. 1; deputy to be acting chief

Irritated with the criticism and fallout from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis' resignation, President Donald Trump on Sunday pushed the Pentagon chief out the door two months earlier than planned, an acrimonious end to a tense relationship that had been eroding in recent months.

If I was the next guy I would make sure my resume is current.

2 thoughts on “Someone Explained the Outgoing DefSec’s Resignation Letter

  1. I would probably think long and hard before becoming the next guy.

    Trump was probably upset with the press for praising Mattis and portraying the president in a less flattering light.

    • Agreed. The next guy seems to be a corporate shill, much like Pai at FCC. The only real difference is that DefSec needs confirmation, and that will not be an easy road.

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