Play Ball!

The first game is in the books (Tampa Bay beat the New York Yankees), and San Francisco is up on Arizona in the seventh on the back of not one but two home runs hit by the pitcher, Madison Bumgarner. Yes, the pitcher has hit two home runs on Opening Day. This afternoon ends up with the Cubs and the Cardinals at 8:35 this evening.

I am happy that Opening Day is here. I am not crazy about the three games to start the season, and I am still not a huge fan of the instant replay, but the good news is that baseball is back for 2017.

On the ice, Boston beat Chicago and has leapfrogged Toronto in the standings for the last playoff spot (yeah, and Ottawa too, but who cares about Ottawa, eh?). So it looks like the Leafs are golf course bound. The Jays open in Baltimore tomorrow (which means I will only get to see replays since I cannot stream the game at work, being in MASN's backyard - yes, someday the leagues will realize how much they are cutting off the fans, but that's another argument).

Pass the hot dogs, the Cracker Jack, and the beverage of choice. The 2017 MLB season is here. And minor league too. I will be going to see the Potomac Nations at some point as well.

Go Jays!