November is almost over

Winner-2014-Square-ButtonI did not tout National Novel Writing Month this year because, frankly, I did not think I had the time to participate, and if I did, I was pretty sure I would not have the time to finish successfully. After several years of not making it, I just did not want to get my hopes up. And if I had reported out a week ago, I would be telling you that it was not looking good. I had lost almost a week of writing, which, when you have to crank out more than 1600 words a day to be successful, means a loss of almost 10,000 words. That is a huge margin to make up when you are shooting for 50,000. So I was not hopeful that my story would make the word count. But a couple of lucky breaks and a burst of imagination and I have not only passed the 50K word count to be successful, but I have still some story to write, and should be able to actually complete the story too.

So if you think you cannot write a novel, I am here to assure you that you can. And if you are still struggling to get to the end, keep pushing. It is not over, until it is over!