It’s NaNo Time!

NaNo Participant It is the first of November, and that means it is time once again to put pen to paper (or electrons to screen) and dive into the National Novel Writing Month. Professional Nanites have already been banging away since Midnight local time instead of out celebrating Hallowe'en and if the bragging statistics are any indication, many are well on their way to their first 50,000 words.

I do not take it that seriously. In fact, I tend to adapt Chris Baty's No Plot, No Problem outlook on the event. In other words, I just sit down and start writing whatever comes into my head and with luck, I will cross the 50K goal line in 30 days. This is my third attempt at the feat. Last year, circumstances overcame me and I did not make it across the finish line. In fact, I don't think I banged out more than a couple of hundred words before being overcome by other events. The year before I crossed the line with a space-based military piece. This year, I am thinking something swords and sorcery-based, but we will see what happens as the month progresses.

For me, this is an exercise in can I do it. I have not been writing much this year and lately I have been working with a couple of ideas, so I have high confidence that I have some ideas floating around. The longer, harder issue, is getting them out of my head and down onto paper in 30 days and more than 50,000 words. And if you think that is easy, I encourage, nay, challenge you, to follow along yourself. After all, it is just a little over 1,500 words a day. Piece of cake.

See you at the end!