The Ghost of Events Yet To Come?

I was watching the footage of the police action in Oakland overnight with the Occupy movement and could not help but be reminded of events earlier this year in Tahrir Square in Egypt.  And I am not entirely sure that the motives are not similar.

More and more, people are beginning to realize that most politicians have almost no interest in the citizens that sent them to the various bodies to represent them.  They are instead more interested in staying in power, and the money that comes with that position.  It should not be a surprise that you have to be rich to get elected.  The last U.S. Presidential Election cost a billion dollars.  Money that we all agree could have been better spent on any number of things.  This was not federal money, government money, but private money, that very same money that the politicians are saying needs to be spent by companies on jobs.  Does this mean that we will have to wait for the current presidential campaign to really get serious before we will see jobs being created?  Since I cannot see money being spent for anything but politics.

I would suggest Washington pay attention, but that would mean they actually care.  And clearly, given the current mood of the country, they do not.